The Family Coat of Arms.

We have so far found four coat of arms.

The first is dated 1389 en was found in 1929, titeled Das Wappen der familien AengenEijndt, Aengeneijndt, Angenendt und Aengenendt.

It belong to Diederich Anghen-Ende.

Description: Shield: German Tilting.
Shield colour: Azure.
Undulate crossed swords: Silver.
Helm: Iron.
Mantling: Azure-silver.
Crest feathers: Azure-silver

The second date 1750 - 1776 and was first mentioned in a will on the 13th of January 1776 in Elten and was used by Euginius Johannes Henricus Angenendt. It was also used by Joannes Aengenent, a cousin of Euginius, as a commercial crest for the firm of L. Van Zuijlen & J. Aengenent in Rotterdam as mentioned the 21st of November 1810 no. 106 in the news paper "courier van Amokedam". Lodevicus van Zuijlen (Louis) was married with Anna Aengenent a sister of Joannes. This crest is also described in the collection of R. T. Muschart , 81Q. According to the Heraldic rules Jan aengen Endt, the father of Eugenius must have the same coat of arms except without label.


Shield: German Tilting.
Shield Colour: Gules.
Armour: Silver.
Label: Silver.
Helm: Iron.
Crest feathers: Silver.
Mantling: Gules-silver.

We do not know who and when the third one was used . We only saw the shield sandblasted and coloured in glass.

Shield: German Tilting.
Shield Colour: Gules.
Bend (right slanting): Silver.

The fourth coat of arms is according to us a counterfeit. First of all it is distribute by the secondhand-bookshop "de Heraut" in Rotterdam whom is know for selling counterfeit coats of arms. Secondly it is not mentioned by who and when it was used. Thirdly the shield is tierced with illustrations of a goat (bok), a tree (boom) at the left side, a rooster (haan) and a three leaf clover on the right side. Non of the Angenent's in the family-tree was married with a Bok, Boom or Haan or a combination of those names such as Bokma or Hogenboom Fourthly it is a Spanish shield the Angenent's originated in the Dukedom of Kleve.

Description: Shield: Spanish.
Left-side shield: Beige.
Left-side goat against tree: Vert.
Right-side shield: Or.
Right-above rooster: Vert.
Right-below three leaf clover: Vert.
Helm: Vert
Mantling: Vert, gules and beige.
Crown: Gules, or and vert.

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