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First Generation

1. Photo Derick Versteghe was born about 1445. He was also known as van der Steeghen. He was Roman Catholic.

Derick Versteghe lived Oude Garderenseweg 17 in Stroe, Gelderland, the Netherlands in 1506. Derick lived and owned in 1506 in "de oude hofstede De Steeg" the old farmhouse "De Steeg" Oude-Garderenseweg 17 in Stroe and is considered to be the forfather of the Versteeghen.
The "oude Garderenseweg" is now called "Heetkamperweg" and the old farmhouse is replaced by a new one and carries # 27 instead of 17 but is still called "De Steeg".
The name "van der Steeg" turned out into "Versteghe".
They were married. Derick Versteghe had the following children:



Johan Diericksz Versteghe.



Arnt Versteghe.